SOS Siren – Your new lifesaver.

SOS Siren – Your new lifesaver.

The SOS Siren is a new innovative safety alarm that can be used to attract help in situations when you may not have the breath to blow a whistle.

What is it?

The SOS siren is a wearable, water-resistant shrill and loud alarm that can be used, reset, and re-used. Its bright design, big pull tab, and adjustable strap ensure it’s easy to use under the pressure of an emergency.

Who is it for?

Originally designed for sailors but it can be used in any situation where help can be attracted using an alarm.

How does it work?

To trigger the siren, you simply pull the silicone rubber tongue. The large button is also a backup trigger and resets the alarm. 

Other feature highlights:

  • Battery life 100+ minutes with user-changeable batteries

  • Plastic cased electronic loud signal alarm

  • Adjustable elastic strap

  • Outer clip to allow the adjustable pulling angle

  • Soft yet tactile silicone rubber tongue to trigger the alarm

  • Water-resistant to 30m

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