Measuring performance is key

Our mission is to design and build timing devices that are precise, practical and robust enough to do it in the competitive environment.

Our Founders

Together, Tim (a clockmaker) and Tracey Hawkins (an accomplished eventing competitor) brought together the understanding of technology and sport to do that. From early prototypes assembled from kitchen timers and Velcro straps through to shockproof casings and the innovative programmable functions. All in pursuit of giving Tracey a competitive edge to hit the ‘optimum time’ that sits at the heart of eventing cross country. Whilst a youth spent dinghy sailing meant Tim quickly saw the potential of this precision timing on the water, and so the iconic big yellow timer was born, soon followed by the “Sync” function that forms the basis of our sailing devices today.

Our Products

Within a few years of the first products being tested and used, including by a young Sir Ben Ainslie, Optimum Time watches were the choice of competitors from the Olympics to Badminton. That trend continues to this day; in our events, over 75% of medallists at the Tokyo Olympics relied on us to push for their personal best and that optimum time in eventing and that optimum start in sailing.