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OE Series: 14R

OE Series: 14R

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Model(s): OE1461R, OE1460R, OE1465R, OE1466R

This watch has helped win countless 4 star and Olympic titles. The full "Optimum Equestrian" range as it is known has an array of colours, sizes and functions that cater for all needs. Optimum Time watches are designed to be simple to use and without confusing and unnecessary functions, the question every eventer should ask is not "which make of eventing watch?", but instead "which Optimum Time model and what colour?"


  • Large 68mm overall BLACK ABS case
  • Round 36mm diameter display size
  • Large 13mm digits in normal mode
  • Massive 23mm digits for final 59 seconds
  • 3 Row display to show time and timer together
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Elasticated Strap for wearing on wrist or over sleeve
  • Can also be mounted onto a carriage for driving
  • Water Resistant to 5 ATM
  • Buttons widely spaced for easy operation when wearing gloves
  • Shock Resistant Construction
  • Normal Timekeeping Mode (12 or 24 hou

Specialist Eventing Timer Functions

  • Programmable countdown with minute alarm for each full minute remaining plus alarm for final 30 seconds.
  • Programmable count-up to the optimum time with minute alarm for each full minute expired plus alarm for final 30 seconds.
  • Count up from zero with minute alarm each full minute expired.
  • Options to start the watch early for horses difficult to get into the start box.
  • Rechargeable battery giving extra power and very long life.
  • Bespoke USB charger clamp included for convenient charging.
  • Vibration alarm to coincide with beep sound. For when it's too noisy to hear the beeps or just to be doubly sure. The vibration and the sound are both individually switchable.
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