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OE Timesaver Master Clock

OE Timesaver Master Clock

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Model(s): OETSMC

Using the TIMESAVER system with its foolproof operation will ensure that the times recorded are correct and relevant. The job of the organisers will consequently be made easier and the time recorded by every fence judge will be valuable in providing a complete record of horse times around the course. Therefore
disputes over hold-ups should be a thing of the past, or at worst resolvable by collating timing information around the course and assessing the complete picture that those times paint.

  • Foolproof operation
  • Time recorded by every fence judge
  • Timesaver MASTERCLOCK - Synchronises the whole system
  • Timesaver XL SLAVE - Massive Display
  • Timesaver JUMBO SLAVE - Used at each fence.
  • Records the actual time of day when stop button pressed.
  • Timesaver XL PROBE & JUMBO PROBE - used to sync slaves
  • 3 atm water resistance slaves only


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